Over 50,000 people are using Spire to help manage their anxiety.

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Here's how Spire is improving Jane's life:

"Before Spire, I used to live in fear of my stress and anxiety. Now, the first thing I do every morning is clip on my Spire. I have gone from stressed out and unable to sleep to rested and relaxed to take on whatever challenges comes up.

It's MAGIC! Spire's notifications and breath-guide are almost more natural to me than breathing alone. I haven't had a serious bout with anxiety since I started wearing it and highly recommend it to anyone still suffering!"


Get alerts when you are getting stressed

Spire is the world’s only breath and activity tracker proven to decrease stress.

Spire sees when you’re getting tense before you may realize it.

Spire then sends you a notification to use our breathing exercises so you can return to calm before it gets worse.

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Key Features

Instant Relief

Let the visual Breath Guide help you catch your breath and lower your tension.

Realtime Results

Follow your breath on-screen and see how it correlates to your state of mind.

Superior Tracking

Robust breath, activity, step, and calorie tracking.

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Guided Meditations

Practice calm breathing with guided meditations included in the app.

Powerful Integrations

Understand your stress body location, time, and event.


Works with iOS and Android, and integrates with Apple Health.

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Reduce Anxiety with Spire

Live phone support - 30-day money back - One-year warranty


Also available at

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