A note from our Chief Medical Officer, Dr Richard Murray, MD, FACP:


In these troubling times it has never been more important for healthcare providers to be able to manage and triage their patients remotely and without face-to-face interaction.  


As a leader in remote patient monitoring (RPM), Spire Health is partnering with providers and hospitals across the US to deploy our commercial stage, clinically-validated platform to assist with our response to COVID-19. Over the past few weeks, we have been discussing with pulmonary physicians how our technology might be a useful adjunct to both traditional and novel approaches to manage patients during the crisis. Three key use cases have emerged from these discussions:


  • As a tool for reducing infection.  For those at high risk of serious complications, such as COPD patients, RPM helps avoid the need for visits to practices, clinics or ERs. The goal is to reduce exposure of these patients to viral transmission by eliminating face-to-face interactions with HCPs unless absolutely necessary.


  • Reducing time spent in high-risk environments. For patients in the early stages of infection or those recovering post-discharge, respiratory monitoring is a critical parameter to gauge health status. Deploying RPM may help keep patients at home longer than might be otherwise practical and may also facilitate earlier discharges because of the ability to monitor them safely.


  • Facilitating earlier intervention.  RPM may help detect the early signs of symptoms related to COVID-19, such as elevated respiratory rate and allow automatic notification to the patient’s care team. This may be part of the care strategy, along with frequent temperature checks, to monitor patients at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Early respiratory symptoms are often underreported and monitoring the actual physiology may lead to earlier recognition of developing pulmonary disease.


Spire’s remote monitoring platform can be deployed rapidly with equipment mailed directly to patients without any interaction required and we also have a nationwide team of respiratory therapists on hand to assist with first line patient monitoring. Our system can also enable telehealth deployments to patients or optimize existing deployments, and qualifies for reimbursement through Medicare’s RPM codes.


Spire Health stands ready to assist medical organizations across the US and we hope our technology will contribute to reducing the impact of the virus among the most vulnerable members of our society and also reduce the workload on HCPs. Please feel free to reach out to me or our other teams directly here.