Spire Health Tag

What is the Spire Health Tag?

The Spire Health Tag is the newest product from Spire. Based on extensive research and customer feedback we have created the world’s smallest consumer device that discreetly adheres to the clothes you wear most and uses advanced algorithms and deep learning to provide personalized, real-time health guidance for sleep, stress, and daily activity through continuously analyzing breath and pulse rate inflection points.

What does a Health Tag help me monitor?
Health Tags monitor activity, sleep quality, pulse rate, breathing patterns, and stress to provide a complete picture of your health. Health Tags have a proprietary sensor to measure your breathing patterns through the expansion and contraction of your chest, identifying moments of tension, focus and calm.


How long do Health Tag batteries last?

Health Tags never need to be recharged but their batteries will eventually run out (up to 1.5 years). 

Can Health Tags go through the washer and dryer?
Yes! Health Tags are waterproof and are designed to be able to go through the washer and dryer. When you first apply Health Tags, we recommend waiting 24-hours before washing your clothes to allow the adhesive time to set.


How large are Health Tags?

Health Tags are small and slim. The specific measurements are:

  • In inches: 0.20" (L) x 0.13" (W) x 0.02" (H)
  • In centimeters: 0.53 cm (L) x 0.32 cm (W) x 0.06 cm (H)



Is my smartphone compatible with my Health Tags?
The Spire Health Tag app is currently only available on iOS devices (iPhone 6 and above, iOS 10 or higher). 

How do I wear my Health Tags?
For women, we recommend attaching Health Tags to the wing of your bra during the day and pajamas or underwear for sleep. 
For men, we recommend attaching Health Tags to the waistband of your underwear.

How many Health Tags do I need?
Health Tags are intended to be purchased in packs and attached to the clothes you wear most often such as underwear, pajamas, or activewear. This allows the Tags to track your daily activity including sleep, exercise and stress levels. We’ve found that many people own around 8 pairs of underwear, briefs, or bras that are part of their regular “rotation,” so an 8-pack is a great way to get started. Our smaller 3-pack can be a starting point for people who only want to track a specific type of activity, like sleep (by putting them on pajamas) or exercise (e.g. running shorts).

What clothes can I attach my Health Tags to?
Health Tags are worn on the clothes that you wear most often - your underwear, pajamas, or activewear. One side of the Health Tag features an adhesive that applies to the fabric of your clothing, while the other side has a soft ultrasuede cover that rests comfortably against your skin. You can attach your Health Tag to any material that meets the following criteria:

  • Keeps the Health Tag touching your skin so that it can track your pulse rate
  • Holds the Health Tag against the lower abdomen or side of the chest so it can track your breathing.


Can I share a pack of Health Tags with someone else?
Health Tags are designed to work together as an integrated system. Each pack is associated with an individual user so it’s not possible to split a pack of Health Tags among multiple people.

Can I move Health Tags from one article of clothing to another?
Health Tags are meant to remain on a dedicated article of clothing. They’re waterproof so they can safely go through the washer and dryer, making it easy to just leave them in place and wear day-after-day. Occasionally you may want to move Health Tags to a new piece of clothing, so each Health Tag pack comes with additional adhesive strips to help you attach the Health Tag to your new clothes.


Are Health Tags replaceable / recyclable? 

Yes, Health Tags never need to be recharged but their batteries will eventually run out. We try to do our part to be eco-conscious by recycling components from every Health Tag we receive back from you.


Spire Stone

Does Spire Stone have an Android App?
Yes! We launched the Spire Stone Android App in the Summer of 2016.
Spire is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. On Android phones, Spire requires OS 5.0 (Lollipop) and newer and a screen size smaller than 7". On iOS, you will need to be running iOS version 8.2 and newer. Spire is compatible with the following Apple devices: Apple iPhone 4S and newer, iPod Touch (5th gen and newer), iPad (3rd gen and newer), iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

What Android / iOS devices is Spire compatible with?
Phone’s running Android 5.0 that were manufactured during and after 2015 should be compatible with the Spire app. Phone’s manufactured prior to 2015 will most likely not be compatible. To confirm that your phone is compatible with the Spire app, kindly check your phone's Google Play Store for the Spire app to see if you can download the app to your phone prior to purchase. The Spire app should be labeled as: “Spire - Mindfulness + Activity Tracker.”

Does metal from Spire Stone touch my skin?
The metal from the Spire Stone does not touch the skin. It should be facing outward when wearing it, therefore, you will find it extremely comfortable to wear throughout your entire day.

Is the Spire Stone water-resistant?
Yes. Spire Stone is sealed and will not be adversely affected by accidental splashes and moisture from everyday use. We've also found that Spire Stone is able to withstand accidental trips through the washing machine. However, it is not recommended that you swim with Spire as pool water may be potentially corrosive to the metal clip and the Spire Stone may be prone to slipping off of swimming attire when wet.


Does Spire Stone monitor pulse rate?

Health Tags monitor pulse rate. We built Spire Stone explicitly to capture breathing patterns. The current version does not sense pulse rate. While pulse rate, respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA), heart rate variability (HRV), skin conductance, body temperature, and pupil dilation are rich sources of information about your body and state, Spire focuses on breathing patterns for several reasons.

  • Respiration is an information-dense data stream: it has many components to it such as rate, depth, inhalation-to-exhalation ratio (IER), durations of inhalation, retention, exhalation, and hold, consistency, smoothness, transition, and so on.

  • Better breathing is easy to apply in our lives. It's useful all the time and can be done without special activity. Feedback about our breathing can strengthen our innate awareness of our own breath to help us become more self-aware and effective at work and in life.

  • We have all taken a deep breath when we were worried - and have felt the effects. Spire helps remind you to take such a breath, especially when you are stressed.


What is Spire Stone made of?
Spire Stone's exterior shell is constructed from an assortment of durable plastics. The clip is fabricated from surgical grade stainless steel, which is both durable and easy to keep clean. Spire Stone does not have to touch your skin and is hypoallergenic.


Additional FAQs

What does the name 'Spire' mean?

Spire is a play on the Latin "spirant" which means "to breathe" and is the root of the word "respiration" as well as "spirit". It is also the root for "inspiration" and "aspire", which all come from the same root. In many diverse cultures around the world, the word "breath" and "spirit"/"life energy" are the same word.


What is the warranty?

Spire Stone has a 1 year hardware warranty. Health Tags have a 1-year or 1,200 active hours hardware warranty. If your Spire suffers hardware failure during the first year, we’ll replace it for you. 


What is your return policy?

If you're not satisfied with your Spire purchase, you can return your entire pack for a full refund in the first 30 days. Email hello@spirehealth.com with your order number or proof of purchase for a refund. If it isn't too personal, we would love to know why. We're always trying to improve!