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No more sleepless nights

Health Tags help you monitor your sleep quality, trends, and get personalized sleep insights to improve your overall health.

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Sleep better
with Health Tags

Works with your sleepwear

Place Health Tags on your existing pajamas or boxers

Just go
to sleep

No need to wear a clunky smartwatch or place a phone by your bedside

Breathe better, sleep better

Our breathing sensors give useful insights for improving your sleep

24-7 Health Tracker

We monitor your breathing and heart rate to give you the full picture

Washer & Dryer safe

Feel free to put Health Tags in the wash as you normally would

No charging needed

Health Tags never need to be charged and are replaceable for free when you join Spire+

How does it work?

Attach Health Tags to your
clothes once – and forget about them.

Unpack your Health Tags
Tag clothes you wear most
like bras and underwear
Just get dressed and let Health Tags
keep track of your health
Leave them on at night to easily
track your sleep

Your complete health partner

Health Tags work with our free iOS companion app to track your progress 24/7 and provide actionable insights and recommendations

Sleep Tracking

Stress Levels

Activity and Heart Rate

Breathing Patterns

Spire works hard while you sleep

Health Tags are the only product that features a clinical-grade respiratory sensor that monitors every breath you take to understand your stress and more accurately measure your sleep.

See every sleep stage

Track your sleep trends over time

See how your daily activity impacts your sleep

Use your breathing to reduce your stress and fall asleep faster

Connecting the dots

How much exercise do you need to improve your sleep?

How much sleep do you need to reduce stress at work?

How do you manange your days and nights to improve mind and body health?

Spire provides actionable, personalized, real-time notifications called LiveInsights that help answer these questions.

People love their Health Tags


Being able to track my sleep at night is helping me improve my habits during the day!

Shelly - Tampa, FL


What a relief! I never knew that my data could tell me so much about my health.

Tim - Bakersfield, CA


Checking-in on my sleep data is now part of my morning routine. Easy to use: 10 out of 10.

Sharon - Kansas City, MO

Get better sleep with Health Tag

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