Spire Health Tag

Stop stress in its tracks

Don’t let stress & anxiety take over your life. Health Tags monitor your breathing and help guide you back to calm.

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Be your best self

Real-time tension awareness

Know when you are getting tense and take action before symptoms occur

Stress relief, no prescription needed

Use breathing guides to help you take control of your stress

Visualize your breathing

Helps you harness your breath to improve your state of mind

24-7 Health Tracker

We monitor your breathing and heart rate to give you the full picture

Washer & Dryer safe

Feel free to put Health Tags in the wash as you normally would

No charging needed

Health Tags never need to be charged and are replaceable for free when you join Spire+

Get ahead of your stress

By sensing your breathing, Spire can send you friendly vibration to notify you that you’re tense and offers breath guides to help you restore calm.

Take a breather

The Health Tag companion app for iOS provides breathing guides and other actionable tools to help regulate your breath and help you achieve calm.

How does it work?

Attach Health Tags to your
clothes once – and forget about them.

Unpack your Health Tags
Tag clothes you wear most
like bras and underwear
Just get dressed and let Health Tags
keep track of your health

Improve your life

Spire helps you tracks your whole day, including activity, working out, and sleep. With Health Tag you can:

  • Track your stress over time and overcome your challenges

  • Know how working out and activity impacts your stress levels

  • Understand when your most tense periods during the day are

People love their Health Tags


I love that I can attach them to my clothes and forget about them!

Nicole - Farmington, MN

No Hassle

Health Tags give me the biofeedback I've been looking for without any "extra" gear.

Maxine - Plano, TX


They are so easy to use that even my parents are using them now!

Scott - Mesa, AZ

Start breathing again with Health Tags

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