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Not another fad diet

Start your journey to lasting health today. Health Tags track activity, heart rate, and give you actionable recommendations.

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Get your health on track

No logging

Never forget to “start” or “stop” an activity again. Health Tags log it for you

Your virtual health coach

Health Tags track your calories, steps, and heart rate and remind you to be active

Track progress & take action

Get actionable insights on your workouts, stress, and sleep

24-7 Health Tracker

We monitor your breathing and heart rate to give you the full picture

Washer & Dryer safe

Feel free to put Health Tags in the wash as you normally would

No charging needed

Health Tags never need to be charged and are replaceable for free when you join Spire+

Get more active

While you workout, Health Tags:

  • Keep track of the calories you’ve burned

  • Show your activity trends

  • Show how your sleep and activity are related

  • Give you a full picture of your health

Connecting the dots

Sleep, stress, and activity are more connected than you might think. Even small improvements can help contribute to weight loss. Health Tags help you:

  • Keep track of your bedtime goals

  • Use your breathing to reduce your stress and fall asleep faster

  • See how your daily activity impacts your sleep

How does it work?

Attach Health Tags to your clothes once – and forget about them. Comfortable, no charging needed, and washer/dryer safe.

Unpack your Health Tags
Tag clothes you wear most
like bras and underwear
Just get dressed and let Health Tags
keep track of your health

Take action on
your health

Health Tags work alongside our free iOS companion app to provide you LiveInsights.

LiveInsights are personalized, real-time notifications that help identify opportunities to improve your health. Health Tags can also notify you with a friendly buzz.

People love their Health Tags


I love that I can attach them to my clothes and forget about them!

Nicole - Farmington, MN

No Hassle

Health Tags give me the biofeedback I've been looking for without any "extra" gear.

Maxine - Plano, TX


They are so easy to use that even my parents are using them now!

Scott - Mesa, AZ

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