More gifts, more possessions, more things that you have to do, right?

Have you considered a gift that does the opposite?  Something that creates more focus, not more distraction?  Something that creates more calm, not more tension?  Something that improves your health, both in body and mind?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then I’ve got a suggestion for you.

No, I’m not talking about another self-help book that will grow dust on the table nor a video series that will go un-watched.  I’m talking about a cutting edge piece of technology that’s just as cool as any other gadget you could buy.

But, it’s got one big difference - it makes you more calm and focused throughout your day!

Developed with scientists at Stanford University, Spire is this tiny magical device that measures your breathing patterns to get insights into your state of mind.

USA Today calls it, “So simple, its absolutely brilliant”.

 Here are a few of the amazing things Spire can do: It can notify you when you are tense, make you aware of when you have moments of calm and make you mindful of your focus.  Plus, it tracks your activity – which means it won’t just help you have a more calm and productive day, but also a more active one as well.

And it works.  In a pilot at LinkedIn – a company that is all about finding happiness in your job and life – the vast majority of people who wore Spire felt “significantly more productive and less tired” at the end of the day.   Read that again.  Spire didn’t give people more things to do, it helped them do more.

And it helped me.  Be more calm and more focused.

I’ve been told Spire devices are selling fast –and only a very few remain before Christmas.   If you want to give the gift of calm, head to to learn more!