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Spire Health Tag

“For one, there’s zero need to charge the device...They’re also machine washable. You just pick a few outfits and stick a tag on each of them.”

“The tags are so discreet no-one will know you're wearing them, which is great for people looking to work on their fitness without fanfare.”

“One of the latest products to become available from Apple is Spire’s Health Tags that stick to your clothes to seamlessly track heart rate, steps, stress, and sleep.”

Customer Testimonials

"Unobtrusive, easy to use, literally the best way to monitor my health. Plus I can wear any watch I like."

― Keith Brown

"I love not having to put something on my wrist and that I NEVER have to charge it."

― Sarah Neal

"I'm impressed these work through the laundry cycle and I don't feel that they're even there."

― Greg Wilder

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