Data Science Engineer

San Francisco

The Job

Every day, 30 billion data-points hit our servers that are a real-time measurement of our users’ core physiology hits our cloud: their breathing, heart rate, emotional states and stress, sleep, chronic conditions and so on.

You will design, build and deploy algorithms that turns this data into meaningful insights that change people's lives. This means: (1) working with our product team to understand user needs, (2) develop algorithms to process the data to deliver outcome focused insights to our users across a range of health and wellness applications, (3) implement the algorithms in production and (4) measure the impact your work has on our customers’ outcomes.

Success will be measured in your ability to understand, implement, and execute on data-driven product initiatives. This isn’t Data Science to optimize marketing funnels or get people to come back into our app one more time - this is using algorithms to transform lives by changing peoples health and wellbeing.

The Company

Our mission is to give every person the power to control their own mental and physical health by capturing realtime bio-signals and making the data useful and actionable. We are the recognized market leader in continuous respiration sensing, real-time interventions, and actionable feedback.

Our products are sold in Apple Stores globally, we’ve received over 1200 five-star Amazon reviews, and we’re recommended by thousands of health professionals worldwide. Our platform processes over 30 billion data-points per day and our reach extends across the globe.

Having experienced continuous growth since launch, we continue to invest in extending the breadth and scope of the outcomes our technology can deliver. We are currently working with partners across a range of mental and physical health conditions such as sleep, asthma, COPD, respiratory depression, and more.

We are a small, diverse team dedicated to working together to solve tough, culture-shifting problems. Our team includes leaders in hardware and software engineering, algorithms, marketing, healthcare, and operations from four different continents.

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