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"I spent years struggling with anxiety. Spire is the first tool to help me control my anxiety."

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Over 50,000 people use Spire to live calmer, happier lives

Get alerts when you are getting stressed

Spire is the world’s only breath and activity tracker proven to decrease stress.

Spire sees when you’re getting tense before you may realize it.

Spire then sends you a notification to use our breathing exercises so you can return to calm before it gets worse.

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Spire makes anxiety manageable.

Spire keeps track of your reactions and guides you back to calm.

Relief is easy

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Clip Spire to your bra or waist and it will track your breathing.

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Pair Spire with your phone to visualize your breathing patterns.

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Spire will notify you when you are entering a period of tension and provide you with breathing exercises to avoid this tension.

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Use our guided meditation and visual breath guide to help overcome stress and anxiety.

“I recommend Spire to my patients struggling with anxiety. Spire helps them understand what triggers their anxiety and empowers them to overcome it.”

- Kathryn Larson, APRN, MSN, WHNP, BC

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We want you to gain the benefits of Spire, so we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee and free returns. Order today with no-risk. If you don’t benefit from Spire, simply send it back no questions asked.

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The science behind Spire


years of research from Stanford

We use industry-leading respiration and state-of-mind algorithms to detect your moments of calm, tension, and focus.


fewer anxious days for Spire users

Stanford researchers found that LinkedIn employees wearing Spire had 27% fewer anxious days and 37% greater daily calm.


of health professionals recommend Spire

We work with health professionals worldwide to create tools that improve client outcomes.

See and control tension in the app, for iPhone and Android


Stay calm with breath management

See your breathing in real time

Follow your breathwave, a real-time view of your breathing on Spire's homescreen. A smooth rolling breathwave indicates a sense of calm.


Control Tension

Spire alerts you when you get tense

When your breathing becomes rapid or erratic, Spire will send you a gentle notification with actionable next steps.


Reduce Anxiety

Guided meditations for every need

The Spire app comes with free guided meditations to help you reach focus, increase calm, reduce anxiety, and more.

Reduce anxiety with Spire

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