What people are saying about Spire Health Tag

“For one, there’s zero need to charge the device...They’re also machine washable. You just pick a few outfits and stick a tag on each of them.”

“The tags are so discreet no-one will know you're wearing them, which is great for people looking to work on their fitness without fanfare.”

“One of the latest products to become available from Apple is Spire’s Health Tags that stick to your clothes to seamlessly track heart rate, steps, stress, and sleep.”

“Spire wants to make fitness wearables even easier by designing them to be truly wearable.”

“The more frequently users wear Health Tags, the more useful information they can provide, including offering advice on how to be healthier. For example, if the device notices a user hasn't gotten a good night's sleep the previous two nights and has observed that the user tends to sleep better after exercising, it might send a notification suggesting the user go for a run.”

“A new device, the Spire HealthTag, aims to solve those issues with a different style of wearable health tracker. It rethinks the way a wearable should look, how it’s worn, and how you interact with it. It’s soft and discreet, attaching to the inside of your clothing or underwear via adhesive, with notifications that only pop up on your phone as needed.”

“Spire is seeking to stay ahead of the crowd by offering more active guidance versus simple monitoring.”

“Sometimes the devices available are so public and visible--ranging from clunky wristbands and restrictive chest straps--that wearing them is off-putting. That is why I like the idea of a new wearable technology that is working underneath your clothing.”

“Instead of a device that needs to be regularly removed, recharged, or otherwise adjusted, the company’s newly announced sensor can remain unobtrusively attached to any article of clothing with no need to worry about battery life or the laundry machine.”

“As an avid consumer of wearables, I’m genuinely excited about the Health Tag’s promise...it will rightfully shift the focus on outcomes—what tech can do for you”

“It's what Spire does with that data that make the wearable compelling. Rather than just flood you with a steady stream of data, the companion app for the the Spire Health Tag (which is built for iOS initially, but coming to Android later) only surfaces data when there's information you can act on. ”

“Do you remember the Spire activity tracker that I reviewed almost 3 years ago? Spire is back with a brand new fitness device called the Health Tag. The Health Tag biosensor that is designed to attach to your clothes instead of wearing it around your wrist like the majority of activity trackers on the market. ”

What people are saying about Spire Stone

“Wearable technologies, such as Spire, offer data-driven advice on how to reduce stress.”

“I am certainly happier and less likely to get testy with people close to me. It feels like Spire is looking out for me.”

“My little bra buddy is called Spire...When it tells me I am tense, I can take some deep breaths or opt to listen to a calming audio recording.”

“Stress monitors are really great at measuring calm...I discovered that my longest stress-free "calm" periods occurred when I cooked for my family or read to my 5 year old son before bedtime. I plan to do more of both.”

“This is basically a little gem of self-awareness”

“The easiest for tracking stress over time”

“I felt like frigging Buddha looking at all my glorious streaks of calm and focus”

“Spire helps you to control your breathing to maintain an optimal level.”

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