Spire Health Announces Launch of Research Platform for Clinical Trials

Dr. Richard Murray, prominent pulmonologist, joins Spire Health as Chief Medical Officer

San Francisco, CA, USA – Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Spire Health, the market leader in continuous respiration sensing and high-adherence ambulatory monitoring, is announcing the availability of its Research Platform. The Platform is designed for researchers to remotely monitor study participants using Spire Health Tags. Health Tags are the ideal wearable device for clinical studies, especially long-term studies outside care settings. Their novel form factor and proprietary sensor enable unprecedented user adherence and detailed health data.


The Spire Health Research Platform is able to provide continuous, longitudinal health data including unlimited access to both processed and unprocessed (raw) data from Spire Health Tags.  Since the sensor is located on the torso, Health Tags are able to capture data that is simply not possible to capture on wrist-based monitors, including extremely detailed respiratory patterns, and more accurate heart rate, sleep, stress, and activity data. The Spire Health Research Platform provides tools for easily administering a remote monitoring study, such as automatic device provisioning, daily compliance reports, API's for integrations into electronic data capture (EDC) and data analysis tools, and direct data download.


“Spire Health’s Research Platform is an ideal solution for researchers who require a means to monitor and collect accurate, comprehensive physiological data streams while minimizing attrition. Longitudinal studies are most at risk for such concerns,” says Neema Moraveji, Ph.D., Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Spire Health.


Health Tags’ novel form factor, adhered on the inside of undergarments, allows the device to stay in contact with the skin to capture high-resolution data without requiring adherence to the skin itself. This is particularly useful among chronically ill and elderly patients. Health Tags do not require charging and are washer/dryer safe, so users can simply wear and wash their clothes as they normally would. Spire Health has seen extremely high adherence, including receiving data from 86% of total possible hours in an ongoing 9-month study of elderly patients.


Health Tags are being used in a range of clinical studies across multiple chronic conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure, asthma, and anxiety. The Department of Health and Human Services recently awarded a grant to Spire Health and announced a clinical trial that will leverage the Spire Health Research Platform.


Dr. Alia Crum, Assistant Professor at Stanford University, stated that Spire Health’s Research Platform “has great potential for enabling us to incorporate longitudinal cardiorespiratory datasets in our research. Many physiology and behavioral monitoring devices exhibit either limited streams of data or poor compliance and data that is difficult to access. The fact that Spire Health's Research Platform addresses these problems makes it an exciting tool for our research."


Learn more on our Research Platform page.


About Spire Health

Spire Health is the leading digital healthcare company for continuous respiratory monitoring and feedback for longitudinal studies and interventions. The Spire Health Tag enables high-adherence remote patient monitoring with clinical-grade accuracy and highly-detailed respiratory data. Spire Health’s approach has the potential to identify and predict health events, enable early interventions, and prevent hospital admissions. Spire is backed by leading medical health investors and has received a grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services. For more information visit: