Spire Health Tag

Meet the world's first no-hassle, intelligent health tracker

Go beyond traditional health tracking with the Spire Health Tag.

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Sleep, stress, activity, pulse rate, & more

Understand how you sleep

Our breathing sensors offer useful insights for improving your sleep

Stop stress in its tracks

Know when you are getting tense and take action before symptoms occur

Track pulse rate and workouts

Track your pulse rate, calories, steps and reminds you to be active

$399 for an 8-pack

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A seamless part of your life

"Set it and forget it"

Health Tags are placed on your clothes, so you just get dressed and go

Never charge your device again

Health Tags never need to be recharged

Washer & dryer safe

You can just toss your clothes (with Health Tags on them) in the laundry as you normally would

People love Health Tags

Hardly noticeable

I love that I can attach them to my clothes and forget about them!

Nicole - Farmington, MN

Just what I needed

Health Tags give me the biofeedback I've been looking for without any "extra" gear.

Maxine - Plano, TX

A must-have for mom and dad

They are so easy to use that even my parents are using them now!

Scott - Mesa, AZ

How does it work?

Attach Health Tags to your
clothes once – and forget about them

  • Unpack your Health Tags

  • Tag clothes you wear most
    like bras and underwear

  • Just get dressed and let Health Tags keep track of your health

Get your personalized daily insights

Health Tags work with our free iOS companion app to track your progress 24/7 and provide actionable insights and recommendations




Activity & Workouts

Sleep Quality

Research-backed technology

Spire’s technology is backed by 7 years of research from Stanford University. Our comprehensive, clinical-grade sensors continuously monitor respiration, pulse rate, activity, and sleep

Proprietary, clinically-proven sensors


Recommended by 1000s of health professionals

Be your best self with Health Tag

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