Spire+ Membership

Save money and get the most out of your Health Tags


Current benefits include


  • Free replacement Health Tags when batteries run out
  • $25 each if you'd like more Health Tags (50% off)
  • Personalized health reports on sleep, stress, and activity

Free Replacement Health Tags

Health Tags never need to be recharged but their batteries will eventually run out. We’ll replace your Health Tags for free so you never need to be concerned about battery life or maintenance. We recycle components from every Health Tag we receive back from you.

$25 Each For More Health Tags

Just need a few more Health Tags for your sports bra or workout shorts?


Spire+ members are entitled to an exclusive discount price of only $25 each for any extra Health Tag (50% off). Plus you can order them within the app!

Personalized Health Reports

We want you to be able to learn more about your personal health journey. In addition to what's provided in the app, you’ll receive detailed emailed reports to help you better understand your health data, compare to national averages, and get additional insights on how you can improve your health.


Sample Health Report

Spire+ Membership FAQs

How much does Spire+ membership cost?

Spire+ memberships are available for just $10 per month no matter how many Health Tags you own.

How do I know if I’m eligible for Spire+ Membership?

You are eligible for Spire+ Membership for the first 30 days after your purchase.

How do I get replacement Health Tags?

Please contact us at and we will be happy to replace your Health Tags.

How do I get discounted Health Tags?

Once you join Spire+, you can purchase discounted Health Tags within the app. Simply go to Settings > Profile > Spire+ Membership, and there will be a button for you to purchase additional discounted Tags.

How do I manage my Spire+ Membership?

Please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

Can I apply my Spire+ Membership discount to Health Tags purchased at Apple stores?

No. Spire+ Membership discounts can only be applied to purchases from Spire’s website (

Can I purchase additional discounted Health Tags for a friend?

No. Individual Health Tags packs are designed for personal use.

Can I use Affirm to purchase Spire+?

You can use Affirm as a payment method to purchase Health Tags. However, Affirm is not eligible on Spire+ membership at this time.

Does Spire+ Membership include discounts on 3, 6, or 8-packs?

No. Spire+ membership entitles you to $25 for a single Health Tag (50% off). For more information, contact us at

Where is Spire+ currently available?

Spire+ is officially supported for US and Canadian customers. International customers who have joined Spire+, and have registered membership through the app, are eligible for full Spire+ benefits, though shipping costs for replacement or additional tags are not included with membership and vary based on your location.