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Spire helps people be calmer every day.

"Spire improved my breathing and calm in one week as much as four years meditation."

five stars Scoopler A., Amazon Reviewer

"I bought Spire as an anti-jerk device in meetings (you're tense buzz buzz); it helped me regain control when at my most fearful."

five stars Rob, Amazon Reviewer

"People pay thousands of dollars to coaches and therapists to increase their awareness of self. Spire gets you there at the cost of less than one session with a professional."

five stars Jason, Amazon Reviewer

People are more productive with their Spire.

"Like a lot of people I have a desk job where I can fall into tense situations throughout the day. Spire has solved this for me. It's shocking how accurate it is."

five stars Glass F., Amazon Reviewer

"Spire is totally invaluable in meetings. If I get stressed, Spire reminds me and I can relax myself, which helps me focus and get better results."

five stars Amazon Reviewer

"I love how I am reminded to take a few minutes of my day to focus or relax so I remain productive and motivated throughout."

five stars Andy, Amazon Reviewer

Better sleep, better yoga, better relationships.

"I was hooked the moment I did a short meditation exercise. Afterwards I felt so clear and grounded, and had one of the best nights of sleep of my life."

five stars Tylermac, Amazon Reviewer

"I have demoed other activity tracking devices (Misfit, Fitbit, etc), but have found this product to be far superior. If you practive Yoga, you can track your breath in class. For many people who aren't able to be active due to physical limitations, this device, in my opinion, is really the only choice."

five stars Deacon, Amazon Reviewer

"I've been using Spire for three weeks now, and I find it amazing. I bought one for myself and one for my girlfriend, and it has helped both of us in our relationship. When we start to get tense, the Spire lets us know - wow! This has been amazing for our relationship as we argue less now."

five stars Jason, Amazon Reviewer

Some people wrote a little...

"This is one of the best purchases I have made in the past decade."

five stars Michael, Amazon Reviewer

"Like having Deepak Chopra in your pocket."

five stars Jason M., Amazon Reviewer

"Absolute no-brainer."

five stars Jason R., Amazon Reviewer

And some wrote a lot.

"I work with students with violent behavioral profiles on the autism spectrum, and being able to calm myself or notice my respiration gettiong faster at a particular moment in time is critical for me to check in and be sure that I have the psychic energy to conduct a difficult de-escalation protocol. Spire is an invaluable tool in my life now."

five stars Anonymous Amazon Reviewer

"The truth is that I feel better wearing it - it's like a friend now. I felt a bit naked when I accidentally left it at home one day. It's really helped me a lot with stress management and I have a high stress job. I figure it will literally help me add years to my life."

five stars Thomas, Amazon Reviewer

"I'm a Clinical Ayuverdic Specialist and Yoga teacher. I own two yoga studios and a medical pratice with my business partner, who is a Board Certified Medical Doctor. We've been recommending this product to our patients to not only be more active, but to be able to reduce their stress by focusing on their breath."

five stars Deacon, Amazon Reviewer

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