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One time purchase, app is free for life.

Purchase price includes 30-day, money back guarantee.

Spire is backed by 7- years of research



Buy today, return anytime in next 30-days for free with no questions asked.



If you don't love Spire for any reason, return it to us for free in the first 30-days for an immediate full refund.


OVER 1,000 5-STAR


Over 1,000 reviewers on Amazon have rated Spire 5-stars for helping them be more calm. 



Wear Spire on your belt or bra, where it can measure your breathing.

wear-on-belt wear-on-bra wear-on-bra



Patented respiration sensor

3-axis accelerometer

Vibration motor



7-day battery life

Wireless charging


Calm tracking

Focus tracking

Tension tracking


Active minutes

Sedentary minutes


Calories burned



Weight: 0.8 ounces

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spire? How does it work?

Spire is a small, wearable device that monitors your breathing to help you manage stress. When Spire senses a change in your breath, it sends a notification to your phone through our app to help you regain calm and focus. "Boosts" are audio exercises that guide your breathing so you can reset your nervous system's fight-or-flight mode.

Spire is also an activity tracker that will count individual footsteps throughout your day and calculate calories while wearing the device.

But our main joy is empowering users to discover calm, manage stress, and live mindfully.

Read more on the science behind your breath here:

How do I wear Spire?

Clip the small Spire device to your waistband or bra. It should be facing outward when being worn and should be extremely comfortable throughout your entire day. No, the metal does not touch the skin.

Does Spire actually work?

We created Spire with guidance from leading experts on the respiratory system, digital health, and medical/wellness devices. We've spent 5 years studying the science of breath and building technology that would combat the stresses of the modern world. While we're continually working to make Spire the best it can be, we believe that yes, it has helped many users discover calm.

But don't take our word for it, read the 5 star reviews from over 1,000 users who wear Spire.

Do I need a phone?

Yes, you do need a phone to use Spire. When the Spire device senses a change in your breathing pattern, it will send a gentle notification through an app to your phone. The app will identify different periods where you were calm, focused or tense, guide you with breathing exercises, and provide you with "Boosts" to restore your peace of mind.

Can I access my info with a computer?

At this moment, data from your Spire device can only be accessed through the mobile app.

Is Spire compatible with my phone?

Spire is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. Spire also works with Apple Watch.

What Android/iOs devices is Spire compatible with?

For Android: Phones running Android 5.0 that were manufactured after 2015 should be compatible with the Spire app. To confirm your phone is compatible with the app, please check your phone's Google Play Store for the Spire app ("Spire - Mindfulness + Activity Tracker") and see if you can download the app to your phone prior to purchase.

For iPhones: For an iPhone, you'll need to be running iOS version 8.2 and newer. Spire is compatible with the following Apple devices: Apple iPhone 4S and newer, iPod Touch (5th gen and newer), iPad (3rd gen and newer), iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch.

Is the Spire stone water-resistant?

Yes, Spire is a sealed device that is stress-proof and water-proof. Your Spire device will surive accidental splashes, moisture from everyday use, and even an unexpected trip in the washing machine.

However, we don't recommend swimming with Spire on. Pool water may be corrosive to the metal clip.

What is the warranty?

If your Spire suffers hardware failure, don't worry - it has a 1 year hardware warranty. Just send it in and we'll happily replace it for you.

If you're not satisfied with your purchase of Spire, there are no hard feelings. Just send it back within the first 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.

Does it do sleep tracking? Is there a sleep app? Will there soon be a sleep app?

At this time, we don't recommend wearing Spire at night as it has not been calibrated for night time breath tracking. We're working to develop "Sleep Mode" that will track your sleep quality and provide data on your sleeping states.

For now, recharge your Spire device while you recharge on sleep so you both are ready for the next day!

Does Spire monitor heart rate?

The current version does not sense heart rate. Instead, Spire focuses on breathing patterns for several reasons:

- Respiration is an information-dense data stream: it has many components to it such as rate, depth, inhalation-to-exhalation ratio (IER), durations of inhalation, retention, exhalation, and hold, consistency, smoothness, transition, and so on.

- Better breathing is easy to apply immediately and in our everyday routines. It's useful all the time and can be done without special activity. Feedback about our breathing can strengthen our innate awareness of our own breath to help us become more self-aware and effective at work and in life.

- We have all taken a deep breath when we were worried - and have felt the effects. Spire helps remind you to take such a breath, especially when you are stressed.

Can it be used to treat: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Autism, etc?

While Spire's Boosts can be used to combat stress and anxiety, Spire itself is not considered a medical device. Please work with a doctor to determine it's usefulness with specific mental conditions. Since Spire is not considered a medical device, you may not get reimbursed by your employer. We suggest checking with your employer or provider in advanced to verify if a purchase would be covered.

How long does it take to receive it once the order is placed?

Spire devices typically ship within 24 hours of order completion except for orders made over weekends or certain holidays.

On average, you can expect to wait 2-5 days for domestic orders and 10 days (barring customs holds) for international orders. There is an international shipping charge assesed on orders of 1-4 devices. Please check with customs for additional fees based on the country.

For more info on bulk orders, send us an email at

What does the name 'Spire' mean?

Spire is a play on the Latin "spirant" which means "to breathe" and is the root of the word "respiration" as well as "spirit". It is also the root for "inspiration" and "aspire". In many diverse cultures around the world, the word "breath" and "spirit"/"life energy" are the same word.